Uah Pet ZERO Wireless Cat Water Fountain-uahpet



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Uah Pet ZERO Wireless Cat Water Fountain-uahpet



  • Place it anywhere your pet feels comfy

Battery-operated cat water fountain. Noiseless. Our ZERO wireless cat water fountain’s cordless design allows you to place it on any surfaces your cat enjoys drinking from — like the floor or near the feeding bowl. Anti-slip and stable, it’s perfect for multi-pet family.

  • Simplify pet parenthood

Let your cats enjoy the benefits of drinking water from a touchless faucet without the hassle of setup and cleaning. The Uah Pet ZERO Automatic Cat Water Fountain is perfect for cats at home or when you’re away, then there’s no more worrying if your feline friend has fresh water.

  • Best for light sleepers

With ZERO’s battery-operated, ultra-quiet operation (< 30 dB), so you could easily have a sound sleep. Designed to be a durable water fountain without making any noise at all. 

  • Make cleaning a breeze

Engineered with an antibacterial material that prevents the buildup of dirt, this cordless cat water fountain can ensure safer drinking water for your feline friend. With its wider design and a small number of parts, so you can rinse them easily.

  • Smart pet water fountain with automatic tech 

Uah Pet ZERO Automatic Cat Water Fountain features motion-activated mode and timer mode. With two modes to choose from, so you can create a unique drinking experience for your pet.

  • External water pump, designed with security in mind

Say hello to this smart pet water fountain with an outer water pump to prevent electric shock. This battery-operated cat water fountain with a filter is secure to use, so your feline friends can enjoy fresh water for months on end. Best part? It’s fully leak-proof and cordless, which ensures that electric shock is a possibility zero. 

  • Anti-skip bracket design: prevents messy water spills

This battery-operated cat water fountain features an anti-skip bracket, so there will be no more water spills and no more mopping for you.



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